Back for a 5th series – and loving every minute of it


After a wonderful and relaxing holiday with Amelda and the kids it was back to the kitchen when we got home to lovely Blacklion, with the restaurant and guesthouse opening its doors for 2014. The start of the year is always a busy and exciting time and along with lots going on at MacNean we also saw the return of ‘Home Chef’ to our screens.

Now in its 5th series you can catch it on Wednesday night on RTE at 7:30pm or on the RTEiplayer at any time. It is hard to believe that this is the 5th series and I have to admit I just love doing it. Over the years I have got to meet some great chefs and some wonderful producers of food. In this series I will be visiting some of Ireland’s top chefs and watching them at work in their kitchens, while I will also be taking a little trip to Boston as well.

As with every series of Home Chef the emphasis is on enjoying food; by eating it and of course cooking it. This time around I will be cooking two dishes per episode as normal and one of those dishes will hopefully help those confident ‘home chefs’ among you take your cooking onto the next level. I do truly believe that anyone can cook, as you may have noticed from the blog title. Cooking is not just for chefs in whites. It is something for everyone to do and enjoy and I believe that the more passionate you get about food and the produce and ingredients that you use the more you will enjoy your time in the kitchen.

In the first episode of the new series we visited Stefan Matz, the head chef at the beautiful Ashford Castle in Mayo, and he cooked a wonderful ‘Organic Salmon with Scallops and a Connemara Malt Whiskey sauce’. I can tell you all now; it was delicious.

With the very talented Stefan Matz

With the very talented Stefan Matz

Back at MacNean I cooked two dishes of my own. First up was the ‘Assiette of Rare Breed Pork’ which is made up of carmalised belly, smoked bacon wrapped fillet and pork and leek sausages. This was followed up with ‘Brandy Snaps with Chilli Passion Fruit Cream’

A really easy to follow recipe for both these dishes can be found here on our website.

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