A dream come true

Having fun at the Cookery School

Having fun at the Cookery School

Quite simply it was a dream come true. The opening of the Neven Maguire Cookery School was a lovely moment. Lots of hard work by lots of people has made it possible and I am very proud of everyone who has been involved in making it happen.

I am passionate about food and I hope that comes across when people meet me, or see me in the kitchen. I have been passionate about it my whole life and I have always believed that food is a wonderful way to bring people together. It brings so much fun and enjoyment to life.

I feel I have been very fortunate with the influences I have had. When I was a young boy I learned from the best; my mum. She passed on a few family tricks and showed me the importance of good local produce, but most of all I learned from my mum to love food and love cooking.

And of course you never stop learning. Over the years I have been fortunate to learn from the best but I still aspire to learn every day I step into the kitchen. You can never know enough and you can always learn more.

But as well as learning it is important to have fun when you cook and I hope people can come to our cookery school and really enjoy themselves. And of course pick up some useful knowledge along the way.

One of the delicious dishes we cooked on the course

One of the delicious dishes we cooked on the course

On Saturday we had a wonderful day with the first group of people through the doors for our ‘Cooking for Friends and Family’ course. This course is aimed at taking the stress out of cooking for larger numbers. We talked about budget, preparation and planning so that the day and evening is stress free for the hard working cook.

The buzz was fantastic and by the end of the day we had cooked a fabulous starter, main course and dessert – while we also took some time out to sample some wine and cheese.

It was a brilliant day and I just loved the whole environment. It was so exciting to be able to pass on some tips to those who came to the cookery school and I know there are going to be some fantastic dinner parties thrown by those who came to the course. I just hope I get invited to a few!

For more information on the cookery school please visit our website.

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