Pat drops in for lunch at our Cookery School

Pat Kenny and his Newstalk team popped in for some lunch..... Pic Credit Donnie Phair

Pat Kenny and his Newstalk team popped in for some lunch….. Pic Credit Donnie Phair

We had a very busy day at MacNean House and Restaurant last week when the Pat Kenny Newstalk Show visited to broadcast their programme right here from the ‘Neven Maguire Cookery School.’ (Which by the way has added new dates for our ever popular ‘Cooking for Friends and Family’ course on the 2nd of May and the 6th of June‘)

We were absolutely thrilled to have Pat and his team to Blacklion and made sure the red carpet was rolled out, as it is for all the guests to MacNean House and Restaurant.

Pat was amazed at how much the border area had changed and commented on the drive he had from Dublin. It saw him go through villages like Derrylin in Fermanagh and back across the border to Blacklion in Cavan. There was no checkpoints on Pat’s drive and things are a lot better than they were.

People would perhaps be surprised to know that the restaurant was bombed twice during the 70’s when my parents had it open. I remember that as a young boy. But as I told Pat things have changed now thank God. We employ over 50 people here at MacNean and they would come from all over the surrounding areas both North and South. And while I learned cooking by my mothers side in Blacklion I was the first boy to take Home Economics in Manorhamilton and I also went to Fermanagh college to be trained as a chef.

But back to Pat Kenny and his visit. He was fed on the finest of Thornhill Duck with creamy savoy cabbage (I will be posting a recipe for that on the blog in the coming week) and he had a fabulous time here in Cavan – or at least that is what he told me!

We chatted about lots of things including the new cookery school that we have opened here in Blacklion. We have been having lots of fun since it opened its doors in January. People have traveled from all over Ireland to visit and we have been delighted to welcome them here.

And as I explained to Pat we are always learning here at MacNean House and Restaurant and we quickly saw that our ‘Cooking for Friends and Family’ course was extremely popular so we have added more dates for that course. It is such a fun day and we have found people have gone away with a real good knowledge of how to cook three beautiful dishes.

Tonight, Wednesday April 16, sees the penultimate Home Chef of this the 5th series. So here is a recipe  from a previous show for a ‘Tasting of Irish Lamb’ consisting of Herb Crusted Loin, Confit of Neck and Sweetbreads (Just click on the link beside programme 11). We hope you enjoy and don’t forget the gorgeous Duck recipe to come next time.


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