The rarest chocolate in the world? Maybe just maybe

Chocolate at the Ritz

Chocolate at the Ritz

This blog post is definitely for all you chocolate lovers out there. A chocolate so exclusive that only 400 kilos per year is produced. Intrigued? Please read on.
Myself and head chef at MacNean House and Restaurant, Glen Wheeler, had the real honour of attending an event for Cacao Barry at the Ritz hotel in London. Cacao Barry was established in 1842 by Charles Barry who had a passion for chocolate, like so many of us. But Charles took that passion a number of steps further and travelled the world looking for the best cocoa beans so he could create the very first connoisseur’s chocolate. And he did just that.

We attended the event through one of the companies we work with, Redmond Fine Foods, and we were one of only 40 guests in attendance so we were delighted to be in what could only be described as chocolate heaven.

The chocolate that was being shown on the day is a very rare couverture chocolate from Cacao Barry. As I mentioned there is only 400 kilos made per year and it takes four days on a boat ride up the Amazon just to get the cocoa beans needed for this absolutely unbelievably sumptuous chocolate.

The clip below is from a previous episode of ‘Home Chef’ where I visited the Cadbury factory in Ireland (and a beautiful chocolate that is too) and after the visit I make two different desserts using Bournville chocolate. The first is a ‘Gooey Chocolate Pudding with Salted Caramel’ and the second is a recipe from a good friend of mine, Orla Broderick, and is a ‘Chocolate Biscuit Cake’ that I think is just divine.

So I hope you all have fun making these two gorgeous chocolate desserts.

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