Summer cooking – Our Twitter Q&A

READY TO GO... Had great fun answering your questions on twitter today

READY TO GO… Had great fun answering your questions on twitter today

We had a great twitter question and answer session yesterday. The topic was summer cooking and we got some brilliant questions. It is obvious that we already have a nation of fantastic cooks and we are enjoying food and experimenting more than ever. And as always eating with friends and family is something we all love. And I think the food tastes better then too! Below is a transcript of the question and answers. Hope you enjoy the ideas and we will be sharing some recipes that were suggested tomorrow

Q – Best healthy but tasty bbq ideas?

A – Salmon wrapped in parma ham with Asparagus and sundered Tomato Pesto is a great healthy bbq option.

Q I bought slow cooker recently.what cheap meat can I cook for a big group at a BBQ that’ll look impressive ?

A – Go to ur local craft butcher and ask him 4 Beef brisket or Pork Belly.  these are great cuts, full of flavour 2 feed a group

Q my 2yr old loves fish.want to start her on mussels. What sauce wud I cook them in?serve with instead of garlic bread?

A – Cook the mussels in some crushed garlic & cream & chopped basil. This is delicious with Pasta. And u could add smoked bacon

Q as it is bbq season at the min , an alternative to a beef or lamb burger with sides

A – How about a pork burger with sundered tomatoes, chopped basil. With a celeriac coleslaw.

Q what other side dishes would you recommend besides coleslaw & potato salad to serve with BBQ please?

A: Cous cous with lemon and herbs and toasted almonds with three tomato salad with basil, bulgar wheat with dried cranberries.

Q – What’s are some quick meals I can use outdoors at a picnic?

A – Tortilla Wraps with roasted peppers and goats cheese. Nice and light and can be prepared ahead.

Q- only vegetarian option I know for the BBQ is veg skewers, any other options to have?

A – Grilled halloumi cheese with pitta bread red onion and lemon cous cous.

Q Hosting a come dine with me charity evening  looking for a chicken dish to impress but can be prepared in advance any ideas

A – Chicken breast stuffed with pesto wrapped with streaky bacon and served with braised potatoes.

Q – Would love ideas for the perfect summer chicken marinate please

A – Spiced yogurt and chilled chicken skewers are delicious and so easy to make

Q – what can i cook in a rice cooker besides rice

A – Never actually done it but you could try cous cous and bulgar wheat with spices and herbs. Let me know how it goes.

Q – Any suggestions for vegan summer meals

A – Grilled asparagus with lemon and basil served with some quinoa is great vegan dish. Very light & u could use courgettes too.

Q – Monkfish on the BBQ?  Yay or nay?  If YAY, what way? Thanks

A – Yes and wrapped in smoked bacon and brushed with some pesto. You have expensive taste (Joking!!)

Q – With new spuds in from the garden what’s a tasty potato salad for these warm days?

A – Mixed with some cooked smoked bacon and chopped spring onion & a little bit of mayo & curry paste. Interesting, del and quick

Q – Any nice alfresco dinner dining tips for this nice weather

A – Keep it simple, not too much choice use the best seasonal and local produce and enjoy the meal with your friends

Q – I’d love some quick salad dressing ideas please!

A – Here is 1 we make in the cookery school. @DonegalRapeseed oil balsamic vinegar, wholegrain mustard and honey.

Q – Any ideas for a vegetarian risotto without garlic?

A – Good question. Try and get peas and asparagus, courgettes, a little bit of lemon and lots of herbs. So tasty.

Q – Tips for using fruit in salads, instead of just chopping them up and adding them? I’ve tried strawberries in a balsamic

A – You can pickle some fruits in vinegar sugar, star anise and herbs. It would give a real kick to it and keeps them longer.

Q – Recipe where duck can be used on bbq

A – Using duck breasts brush with honest Chinese five spice and keep turning regularly on the bbq – Or Duck legs pre cooked. Silver Hill Farm are excellent. For the legs crisp them on BBQ and brush with honey, balsamic and soya regularly.

Q – Any ice cream or fun recipes that will keep 9 month old baby hydrated other than formula as he won’t drink water?

A – Remove the hull from the strawberry & freeze & blend in food processor with some vanilla extract some water or unsweetened apple Juice.

Q – Apart from making mayonnaise, any other useful ways to use up egg yolks after making merengue??

A – Parfait is a brilliant light summery dessert. You can add raspberries, strawberries and melted white chocolate or caramelise brown bread

Q – What is the best way to cook pork belly?

A – Braised in stock apple juice, vegetables, garlic and herbs. One of my favs. Cooked low and slow

Q – Could you give some ideas for perfect picnic food that would be suitable to for a day trip to the zoo ?!

A – Chicken yogurt kebabs (As in my Nation’s Fav Book) and cous cous salads. And wraps are great as well for on the go.

Q – Allotment full of Strawberries, done pavlova, coulis, jam and champagne cocktails….what else?

A – How lucky are u with that allotment. Strawberry parfait & pane cotta and macerating strawberries (In balsamic & basil and mint & vanilla

Q – Nice teething friendly recipes. I’d love to make him some ice lollies but I have no idea what fruits would taste nice together

A – From my new Baby Toddler book 1 – water melon and raspberry – 2 – tropical mango – 3 – blackberry and orange.

Q – Need some tips on wheatfree meals pls and some easy to prepare lunches that dont contain bread please.

A – Gluten free wraps or pittas are great with different fillings.

Q – Have four small kids and I love spicy food any tips on something I can make that’s spicy but that I can tame down for them.

A – Chicken Korma is a great family favourite. For your dish you could add some fresh chilli towards the end.

Q – Any nice summer salads /dressing suitable for Coeliacs?

A – Quinoa is perfect and also try AsianSlaw – there is a recipe in Nations Favourtie Food – Using gluten free soya sauce

Q – Need some new quick recipes for the BBQ besides the usual, sausage, burgers, chicken wings etc. love BBQ’s.

A – Chicken yogurt skewers. Pork and sun dried burgers. Salmon and asparagus wraps.

Q – What is the right amount of time to leave meat in a marinade before BBQing

A – Overnight is best. In a dish covered with clung film in the fridge. This will add lots of flavour to the meat.

Q – How to spice up stir fry . I always end up nearly boiling it with wrong ingredients?

A – I love lots of ginger, chilli, garlic, sweet soya sauce in my beef and veg stir fry.

Q – Any ideas for healthy salad dressings without oil please??! Perhaps something spicy!!

A – Low fat yogurt with garlic and spices.

Q – Any nice summer deserts for dinning outside in these beautiful summer evening for a family of 6?

A – Lemon posset with strawberries is a lovely summer dessert. Or how about a knickerbockerglory from the Baby Toddler Book

Q – Which recipes would you recommend please for summer dining that can be prepared in advance?

A – A lot of the recipes I have given today can be prepared ahead of time and then cooked fresh on the day.

Q – Looking for a one pot recipe for summer entertaining

A – We have a lovely pork and sweet potato curry. Is so easy and quick to make and goes down a treat in the Cookery School

Q – Can you give us some ideas for different/unusual summer salads etc that don’t involve standing over a hot stove?

A – Puy lentil red onion & sundried tomato salad or pomegranate, orange and mint. Or how about rocket pear and Cashel blue salad

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