Glen and Zara: Always part of the family!

We like to think that MacNean House and Restaurant, we are one big family. That is the way we want to treat our staff. Last night was an emotional night for us all, as it was the last service for our Head Chef, Glen Wheeler, who not only is a fantastic chef; driven and committed to his craft, but who is also a dear friend of mine.

BEST OF LUCK… Glen and myself during his last service in the restaurant. We all wish Glen and his wife, Zara, all the very best in the future.

I met Glen and taught him during my time at Fermanagh College (now South West College). He impressed me right from the start. His enthusiasm, his manner and the way he went about things. He has been working with me in the restaurant for the past 14 years and he has been a tremendous role model to every chef who has come into the kitchen and as I said before he has been a fantastic friend to me. It has been wonderful to watch him flourish and grow the way he has over the years.

For Glen, the time is right to move on now and I have always believed that everything in life is about timing. Also moving with Glen is his wonderful wife Zara. Zara has also been with us for 14 years and has been such a valuable part of the team. Customers will know Zara from front of house and have always commented on her friendly and professional manner. She also worked in the kitchen and in reservations and was someone who could turn her hand to anything. A very talented lady with a big heart.

Both Glen and Zara have mine and Amelda’s total 110% support in their future ventures. And we just really want to take this opportunity to thank them both for their hard work, dedication and loyalty. Both are fantastic young people and we very proud of them both.

Glen and Zara are members of the family, and that won’t end just because they no longer work at MacNean.


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